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Sunrise Technologies, Inc. can provide Technical and Managerial Solutions for Facility Owners.


Sunrise Technologies, Inc. can provide Construction and Field Services for both Electrical and Gas Operations


Sunrise Technologies, Inc. can provide Training and Education for Operator Qualifications and Safety Awareness

About Sunrise Technologies, Inc

Sunrise Technologies, Inc. is dedicated to being New Mexico’s leading electrical and underground utilities company. We will achieve this goal on the strengths of our people. STI will consistently deliver the greatest service – cost effective, convenient, and environmentally friendly.

STI provides a wide range of services, including new service delivery, maintenance, gas and service inspection, and can provide certified welders, gas fitters, and linemen. We can coordinate field activities fro gad distribution projects, field inspections for service entrance, and can be accountable for DOT and OSHA audits. Our experts are available to support your company’s needs.